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Established in 2005, All About Parking is an owner-operated corporate services company specializing in valet parking solutions and other value-added services serving San Jose and the surrounding areas since it’s inception.

With over 40 years’ collective experience in customer service, owners Roy Nickolai and Kal Sonawala believe that attention to detail, compassion for others, and a desire to succeed expectations are all hallmarks of the company’s success. Starting out at one of the busiest restaurants in San Francisco over 30 years ago, our company has now expanded to 400+ employees. In the process, we’ve developed a reputation deserving of our discerning and distinguished clientele.

Have you ever been to or hosted an event that saw lots of guests flocking in with their vehicles? If so, you know the long waits that come with trying to find a parking spot, losing a spot, or keeping cars safe from damages when sardined in between multiple cars. To avoid this issue and the others that could follow, professional valet services can offer their expert care and parking techniques to eliminate the worry and stress of parking in crowded areas. If you’re looking for ways to improve experience for guests and their cars, consider professional valet parking services with customer specialists who will provide the utmost level of service and care to your guests and their vehicles.

San Jose Valet Parking has been serving the San Jose community for a number of years with consistent and reliable valet parking services.
Through our work, we have been able to help clients valet park their cars in all capacities, whether it be at a big sporting event, a concert, or even an outdoor festival. We believe that everyone should have access to safe and secure parking, regardless of where they are headed. When large crowds come together and are sharing the same parking spaces, it can create some confusion and frustration against disgruntled clients who are looking for parking spots. To avoid this, professional valet services can ease the stress of limited or congested parking by parking guests’ cars for them in a secure manner.
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If you’re interested in learning more about our top-notch valet services, you can contact us using the service number provided on our website. Through this number, we offer customer service by answering any questions you may have, setting up an appointment or consultation to schedule your next valet needs, and we can assist with arranging all of the logistics when it comes to implementing our valet services.