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Wedding Valet Parking Services

San Jose Wedding parking valet is a subtle yet gracious touch to welcome your guests to your wedding.

By having valet parking services at your wedding events, guests will instantly feel relieved knowing they can arrive on time and not worry about having to find a parking space or drive around to find one while dressed in their best clothes. Making long walks from a parked car to the event space can be challenging, especially if more than one guest has to do it. Save your guests the time and effort and provide professional valet services that take care of their cars for them!

Engagement Party Parking San Jose

Engagement party parking is available for those who have engagement parties at venues or outside of their home. Often times, clients may turn everyday spaces into unique party spaces to accommodate their engagement parties. If this is the case and there is already not an established parking lot available to hold numerous vehicles, then we assist with arranging the space to park them and secure them for the duration of the party. We’ve seen this happen at family homes, favorite bars or restaurants, as well as gardens or parks. While some of these public spaces have minimal parking, we come up with adjustments that will accommodate all of your guests with ease.

Rehearsal Dinner Valet Parking San Jose

Since rehearsal dinners are often held either at the venue or at a restaurant, you’ll need to find a way to accommodate everyone prior to the wedding itself. This is your test run to make sure that the number of guests arriving matches the space available, and we’re here to help make the process a little easier. For rehearsal dinner parking, we’ll provide tips and advice on how and where guests should arrive from or enter the parking lot from, as well as how we can park the cars to accommodate your guests with special requirements, such as shorter walking distances or proximity to the building’s outdoor ramps.

Ceremony Venue Parking

If your ceremony is being held in one place, like a church or religious temple, then the space available for parking is likely limited and already confined. To accommodate the number of guests that you have coming to your wedding ceremony, we help by assessing the number of existing spaces available and arrange the parked cars in a way that means they’re secure and all fitted, but are easily accessible by one of our professionals for when you’re ready to pick your vehicle up.

Reception Hall Parking

If your reception is at another facility, often a venue or a restaurant, then your guests will likely have to travel from the ceremony venue to your reception venue. If they’re coming by car, they expect a place to park upon arrival. Our valet parking services make sure they have the space they’re looking for and no one has to park and walk to the facility in high heels or nice formal attire. Reception hall parking is typically arranged and organized ahead of time for a smoother transition into the later half of your wedding day.

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